Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Space: One Fish's Persective

When I first read the release notes about Space, I have to admit, I was pretty upset. First and foremost, all of space is lootable PVP. OFC, this favors the ubers, the rich, and the high lvl societies that will camp every safe spot and wait for you to launch, then hunt you down with guns blazing. Then they will PM your girlfriend and send them pics of your lifeless body floating in deep space. After you die, you will revive on some lifeless rock with a TT terminal and a fishtank, waiting for some greedy pilot to come by and offer you a ride back to civilization for the low, low price of only 100 ped.

Sound about right?

Well, I went to space today (after much begging) and I have to admit.. I was wrong. Space ROCKS.

For one thing, you spawn in a safe zone, so no problem there. After that, if you are flying out of the safe zone into lootable space, you can see the markers of any other ship nearby, so you know if they are camping you.

But the main point is...well...Space is HUGE. They will never find you. You are the one who gets to choose when you will leave, what direction, and who is around you when you go.

I'm not into PVP. I can understand that some people like it, but it's just not my game. My computer just sucks too bad to ever do it well here. But it doesnt matter. Even with my slow computer nobody could ever come close to me. It's just HUGE.

What makes it so big is that it is 3d. You can fly up, down, sideways, loop, roll, etc. you have full control of the vehicle. I dont care if there is one person looking for you or 100. They would have to be at the same coords, at the same height as you. It's just not likely that you will be found. Ever.

But then there is the issue of the costs involved. 1500 ped for a Limited Thruster?? That's insane. Nobody will pay that! (And that is literally what i said when I saw the prices on them)

But again.. I was wrong.

It's not a bad price, really. And I'll explain why.

It is a 5 ped TT item. It decays each time you leave the atmosphere, and each time you re-enter. However, you can land at the space station for that planet and use the TP there to re-enter, for 7 ped TP fee. So actually it only decays once per trip.
My understanding is that it decays 0.10, giving you 50 uses per thruster.

OK, so 1500/50 = 30 ped, plus 7 ped TP fee to re-enter, + ~0.80 oil for the trip. Grand total: 37.80 per planet hop.

If you have a hangar, you re-enter the atmosphere using your ship, then there is a 2 ped entry fee. grand total: 2(0.10)+0.80+2= 3 ped.

This will be conducive to trading, it will give crafters a good loot to sell, it will actually be cheaper for you to go from planet to planet, and it is really, really cool looking flying through space.

Space Pirates? Bah. You have more chance of dying from crashing on the side of the space station than you do of getting killed and looted in space.

edit: Entropedia is now showing 49 total uses, not 50. so add 0.62 to cost of a one-way trip

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