Monday, June 20, 2011

Planet Partners CAN improve loot return to attract more players to their planet

Yes, I know that since you were little child your grandmother told you stories that only MindArk controls the loot and loot return percentage in Entropia Universe. That Planet Partners cannot control how much you loot in this massively multiplayer online gaming universe. If this wasn’t the case every planet partner will try to offer players bigger and bigger loot return until it hits 99.99% average loot return.
Now let’s look at the difference between the two Alienware promotions on Planet Arkadia.
In the first promotion for hunters and miner you get the laptop inside your loot window. That means that the loot is 100% controlled by the loot algorithm. There is no difference if you loot laptop for 19 000 PED or oils for 19 000 PED. It just God’s will. The chance to hit that 19k loot is the same on every planet.

Now in the second Alienware promotion for crafters you get that additional 2 x 19 000 = 38 000 PED loot only on planet Arkadia. Bonus on top of the regular loot. The loot pool on Arkadia is now 38 000 PED bigger than the loot algorithm wants. The 2 laptops for 19 000 PEDs are not controlled and added by the loot algorithm, but from Planet Arkadia.

Now you may say: 38 000 PEDs is nothing and don’t affect the game much. It is true, but what if tomorrow Neverdie decide to give 1000 PED bonus for every global. I am sure he will still make tons of profit and players will rush to go to RockTropia.

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  1. Do the vouchers actually have TT value ?


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