Friday, June 17, 2011

MindArk Terminates Cooperation with SEE Digital Studios

The latest news from MindArk is a litle shoking and unexpected:
"MindArk wants to inform our users that the cooperation between SEE and MindArk has been terminated. From now on, MindArk will run the operation of Planet Calypso. Participants of the Entropia Universe will not in any way be affected."
In other words Planet Calypso was sold from MindArk to its sub company First Planet Company then from FPC to SEE Virtual Worlds for 6 million dollars and now MindArk take the Planet again.
First, no one knows if this is real drama or everything was staged from the beginning. First Planet Company was part of MindArk. And may be they never wanted to sell Planet Calypso. So they just publicly announce the record sale of virtual property for 6 million dollars, but nothing really happens and now they announce that they get the planet back. For marketing or to avoid taxes or avoid responsibility - who knows.
The other possibility is that they sold the Calypso to SDS for 6 million USD, but don't tell them that they don't sell them the creatures or items and just the land. And when SDS understand that they have to design their own mobs, items, blueprints and stuff, if they want to compete with Planet Arkadia or Planet Cyrene they brake the contract with MindArk and get out of the virtual business loosing some millions dollars.
Here's SEE's official statement on the matter:

“SEE Virtual Worlds has made a strategic business decision in March of 2011 to conclude its partnership with Mindark for all planet partner projects on the Entropia Universe. SEE retains its full ownership of SDS and the Planet Calypso IP. SEE remains committed to delivering innovative and immersive interactive entertainment to our users on various platforms.”

Kim from Mind Ark:

"The staff previously employed by SDS to run Calypso have not been hired by MindArk or any of its subsidiaries. Planet Calypso is being actively developed and im personally leading the development of the next major content release. We will add three new areas that will connect the Amethera and Eudoria continents and there will be some new monsters, unlimited items, wave spawners and rare monster spawns included in the release. Scheduled for August 2011"

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