Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Entropia Universe Space vs EVE Online Incarna

If you look for game similar to Entropia Universe. The closest you will get if you don't count the RCE (real cash economy) element is Eve Online. Both games are Massively multiplayer online role-playing games with age restriction over 12 years. In both game you can choose from different professions to make money and progress in the game. Both in-game economies are open and player-driven, with the difference that in Entropia Universe you can exchange your in-game money for real dollars, where in EVE Online you can't.

MindArk just anounced that space will be available in Entropia Universe on 21 of June 2011. This is the same date when EVE Online will get the expansion Incarna. The most important part of that expansion is the ability for pilots to step out of their pods and explore the Space Stations throughout the galaxy. Walking in stations was first announced in 2006. The title Incarna was given as the official patch name during the 2009 Fanfest, as part of an update revealing the release to be sometime in 2010. We can see than not only MindArk, but other game companies too has dificulty of keeping the primised release dates.

Some of the features of EVE Online Incarna will be:

-Step out of your pod and into your own personal capsuleer suite, filled with the tools and toys that every pilot's pad should have.
-Strategic Data Feeds - Sovereignty changes, incursion locations, bounties and pertinent up-to-the-minute data are only a touch of a screen away.
-News Feeds - The latest information from Interstellar Correspondents and other major news sources scroll across your main viewscreen.
-Agents at Your Fingertips -Career agent panels and an entirely new Agent Finder have been installed in all
-Captain's Quarters. Selecting missions has become a more convenient and more streamlined process.
-Planetary Interaction Panel - One-touch convenient access and management of your planetary structures
-Walkway/Balcony - A majestic viewpoint of one of the most prized objects in the universe - your ship.

New models and animations were created for most combat and industrial turrets currently in-game. Players can now preview turret animations by clicking their image in the Show Info window.

The first space release will include the following features:
-Space travel and commodity transportation between the planets, space-stations, asteroids etc.
-PVP fighting in the entire universe except in the parking zones outside the space stations.
-A reputation system for your heroic or not so heroic deeds in space is provided.
And with every version update space life will become more complex.

Until now battles in Entropia Universe were on the ground and in EVE Online you didn't have the posibility to walk with your avatar. After 12 days this will change as Entropia Universe will offer big part of EVE gameplay and slowly with time offer all that players like in EVE Online. EVE Online will try to fight back by offering some of the gameplay of Entropia Universe, but I don't think they can beat the beauty and functionality of CryEngine and the greediness of MindArk. Soon the developer of EVE Online - CCP Games will request to become Planet Partner in Entropia Universe.

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  1. I do not agree with your statement CCP could care less about Entropia they tried bringing in avatars, people didn't like them they stopped development, EVE is a space game and its audience doesn't want anything to do with the ground, and if you want to go to the ground play Dust 514 which is in the same world and server as EVE, if you ask me MindArk is trying hard to make a better game then EVE while CCP doesn't have to lift a finger. EVE has a community that MindArk could only dream of! Especially now with integration with Dust 514.


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