Friday, June 24, 2011

Arkadia after one month

1. Auction has been dwindling for the past few weeks. Ok, that's expected after the shiny new planet effect wears a point. I got past that point when lysterium stopped dropping and even common Calypso ores had no orders in auction. There is no viable economy at this point from my perspective.

2. Blueprints are useless. Does anyone really think I am going skill up my O Rings BP to 100 Quality Rating with Ospra at 200% & no buyers for O Rings? I've been able to use some of the bps, but again, nothing is selling at auction. No, I am not going to save up to sell to someone trying to make a 40% profit by transporting them back to Calypso. I will just move back to Calypso where there is an economy. On Calypso, I can take my pick of 10 - 15 bps, depending on my ore/enmatter inventory, auto click a few k times and have a few days/weeks worth of some component which sells for 150% plus in inventory. In other words, I can craft a bunch and have inventory to sell over time for a profit. Basic Wires, Bearings, Sheet Metal...all sorts of things are profitable. Those options don't exist on Ark.

3. No Melchi, Alice, Cumb, Belk, etc. Barely any Narc, Blaus, Cald, Iron, etc. I rely on these staples to craft. I know MA/Arkadia, etc want to spur interplanetary trade so that means some things will be scarce. Fine, but they decided to make oxygen scare. I can't breathe. I get more Devil's Tail on Calypso than Narc on Arkadia. I will leave figuring out alternatives to breathing to all you Ark Pioneers. My heart says Arkadia, my head says Calypso. I usually go with my head.

4. I got an offer for a ride back to Calypso so I decided to take it when MA disabled the TPs (knew about that) and made all of space LOOTABLE pvp (didn't know the details) BEFORE the mothership crews got organized. They will just sit at the choke points and send out fighters.

I like Arkadia and would like to visit again, especially after treasure is released. But the fact remains that on Calypso I have more options than I can take advantage of and I could see the options dwindling rapidly in the last week.

As much as I hate to say it, it was a relief to get off Arkadia. I wanted to make Arkadia my home or second home but it was not to least so far. I like options. If A sucks, try B, if A and B suck, try C, etc. I was running out of options.

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