Friday, June 3, 2011

Arkadia after 10 days

Hope: Yes, hope. Hope is what makes players go to every new planet in Entropia Universe when it launches. Hope for something new. Hope for less bugs and more stuff to do. Hope for better support. Hope for Entropia Universe the way it was promised to be.
Planet Arkadia made a lot of promises too. "The planet will be fully ready when it launch". This is the biggest promise they made. For me that means there will be enough mobs for people to kill, enough resource for mining, enough blueprints for crafting, enough missions to keep players busy. And they promised missions. A lot and better than all missions on the other planets.

Short. One mission. 1. Uno. Ena. Ich. And it is bugged. And it is the same mission as all other missions. Kill X mobs. And on top of that MindArk ruined hunting with tons of Failed messages.

The loot is 95% same as Calypso loot. Mobs - some are nice really. But wont hurt to see more mobs.

I made my biggest global 287 PED on Arkadia and I can't realy be unhappy. The landscape is miner friendly, also there are big spaces with no mobs at the moment. The only problem is the lysterium stone. And it is everywhere. If you get 70% TT return with mark up it will get up to 75-80%. So even good miners have hard time breaking even. Other thing is that the planet seems small to me. With the TT finder and no amps I have to cross the desert few times on 100 PED mining run. Or even cross the planet few times if I don't run in circle.

Treasure Hunting:
Ironic isn't it? Treasure hunting planet with no treasure hunting. This in not Arkadia Studio fault of course. This is problem for all planets, but Planet Arkadia is the only planet that suffers from the fact that there is no treasure hunting in the game.

Not enough blueprint. I have to add - Not enough right now, but there are more than 300 waiting to be looted so crafters will be happy very soon on Arkadia.

This is one of the strong sides of Planet Arkadia. Communication with community was excellent before the planet launch and after. Good version update notes and answer to questions on the forum. Also you can see the community manager in the game often. Lets hope things will stay that way.

You start with 4 TPs in all corners of the planet. You need 2 days to get them all. No fun here. TP runs kept me busy for a lot more time on Calypso. May be even getting Rocktropia teleporters was harder. And now they are going to make starting teleporters 5. Why? You think your planet is too big now?

Teleporter names:
10 teleporters that share the same name. Outpost. Really? I mean REALLY!?! Like there was no time to think of 10 different names.
-Hey dude you got that TP “outpost”?
-Yeah I got 6 of them. Where we will go?
-Let’s do TP run from Outpost to Outpost and then we can go to Outpost.
-Ok. Sounds like a plan.

What towns? There are 3 towns if I remember right + 1 firabase copy and paste 12 times + 1 academy copy and paste 9 times + 1 outpost copy and paste 10 times + I think thats all.
9 Academies and 12 firebase that all look the same.Really? I mean REALLY!?!
You want to tell me that there is planet in the universe with 12 firebases and 9 academies that all look the same. There wasn't even 1 dude to say. Hey we can put cocacola machine here so people will remember us.
and the same with teleport names
-Can someone help me with this creature?
-Excuse me sir, but what is your position?
-I'm here in the firebase. Hurry I’m dying here!!!
-Sorry to make you wait but what firebase?
-Repulse or Relentless or Resolute, it is something with "R"!
-Ok, sir, just one more thing. Is that the firebase or the firebase academy?

I can't even find them. And there was promise for new type of shops. Inside town or where people actually walk. As far as I know they are worst then Calypso's.

Some really nice place, but on most places people can't tell the difference between Calypso and Arkadia.

I know the planet is young and I am too harsh on Arkadia team, but I came here for a change. Change to better and so far I am not getting it. My plan was to stay here few months or even move here permanently. And now I am thinking of going back to Calypso and never return. And it is not just me. I will give Arkadia 2-4 more weeks and if I don't see what was promised I am going back to Calypso. I just feel that I did everything here on Arkadia. Hunted big mobs, hunted small mobs. mined, crafted. Nothing more to do really.
Planet Arkadia is 1 step from becoming great planet, or 5. They just need to add a lot of interesting missions, add more Arkadian loot in the mobs, get treasure hunting from MindArk, rename all teleports to have unique names, add shops that are more usable than on other planets.


  1. Hunted big mobs, hunted small mobs. mined, crafted. Nothing more to do really.

    What else is there to do on Calypso? :)

    Also Treasure hunting is to blame on MA for not delivering in time

  2. The best reason to go to Arkadia instead of Calypso is to piss in Marco's coffe cup.

  3. You forgot the very high decay rates. It was costing me 2 to 3 times the cost in repairs here as to costs on Calypso. I think I'm heading back to Calypso.

  4. well said at least...... yes Planet is young and lotsa things to do in future I hope.

    One more thing I really miss ..... some nice hidden Corners like Caves - maybe under water, inside mountains or whatever ....... plus, yes every time I go for some mining I hope to be able once a day to push that "Treasure" Button on my Finder ;-)

    oh - and ....... maybe some Botship beacons :P



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