Thursday, May 26, 2011

Objective view about ROCKtropia

I found this post on the forum and it is describing the similar expiriance I had on Rocktropia.

A friend of mine was stuck at No way out of prison and wanted to get out so badly that he offerd to pay the 80 peds if I bring him a big tp chip and Mind Essence.

So there I am on RT, a planet I never imagined I would fly to for the various reasons I have mentioned in so many threads. That said I thought, well its free, so check it out. Here we go

I arrived, tp's towards the prison and BAM was instantly dead. Took me a while to figure out that I needed a phone and stuff. As I was in a rush to get to my friend I skipped the exploring part and had my soc help me to do this quickly. I thought, if you were a new player, this is something that could potentially be pretty cool (as it keeps you ingame for a bit, without having to spend ped that you might not even have yet). For an old time player it was rather annoying cause I know my way around etc. Maybe implementing an option that if you first TP to Rocktropia, you get the stuff (so you can continue with your gameplay) and if you are a new player, well then enjoy getting the stuff and learning about the game.

So then I did a little exploring. The TP's are sometimes wide spread, sometimes very close together unlike Calypso where a minor jump is almost getting your from one tp to another - Not a bad thing. All in all the planet is reasonably accessible with many area ideal for a miner and concentrated spots with mobs (that I liked).

After a little chat with some soc members I pulled my Isis and started shooting Zomibes. Spend about 1k ammo, had the odd global and found quite a few items in loot (mostly mindforce chips which made me happy since I enjoy skilling that).

Other then zombies you find a lot of uber creatures and also something that can only described as 'hookers'.

This is where I once again was reassured that it was a ND run planet. So there are 'girls' in underwear dancing in front of me looking like whores whilst I listen to rock music screaming words like '!!!!!!!!!!!!' '!!!!' 'fuck' and the rest. Great I thought since afaik you can play this game when you are 12 ... So unless you make this planet 18+ this is totally out of order.

The music itself is anything but rock. Lots of ghetto rap with many swear words and lots of really bad tunes that noone ever heard about it tbh ... Where is the rock I thought???

After finishing shooting half naked sluts and after I turned down the music (just too god aweful), I went mining. In a nutshell, the same as on Calypso really.

Problem here, same with hunting, all the RT stuff has absolutely no markup on. I now have over 1k ped of RT stuff and am tempted to tt it all as there isn't even a chance to sell it at auction for 101%.


RT is not that much different from Calypso. The problems here are that there is virtually no player base. I have counted half an hour and sometimes even more inbetween 2x globals and the auction has a mere 27 pages last time I looked. The missions are either bugged (i.e. not doable) or rewardless. The RT gear is (today) worthless as seemingly there aren't any good bp's out or there aren't any interested crafters. The music is mediocre at best and often extremely offensive in its language (no concern to me, but thinking about the kids playing this game, huh). The mobs are different and do give out interesting items (low level, but still) but those half naked dancers have ND written all over (and again, kids playing the game, huh). This trip leaves me with the exact same opinion that I had prior to going up there. It isn't worth the travel fee, especially for miners as half the time you mine tt ores/enmatter and the other half you would find on Calypso/Amethera as well.

Oh, yes. I have been to Hell as well. I have to state upfront that I have never mined on foma so I have no comparison but to the Calypso mining.

Travel atm is free from RT and none of the domes are taxed (NOICE!!). Upon arriving I spoke a friend of mine (Slither) who was mining there as well and he told me how mining works (less claims, but bigger) ... So I slapped the first 105 amp onto my trusted 105 finder and started in a random 'hell mine'.

nrf, nrf, nrf, nrf ... After 20 !! drops I found an X blau and thought, bloody hell (lol, no pun intended). The X was followed by many more nrf until I hit 70 peds of copper and after one amp I was down by over 100 peds. Not really my cup of tea I thought.

Left hell that day.

The next day (yes aren't we all gambling addicts??) I returned but decided to only amp with 101 ore amp and mine enmatter without an amp. I had 140 bombs and probes left and in a nutshell I found on enmatter 3x V's (seriously, not joking, that was all I found from 140 probes) and ores I found X, X, XI and then the 130th bomb was a 280 ped baby hof on narc. I came out with a tidy profit (both runs combined) and thought, that's it, go while you are ahead.

So mining is like foma as far as I can tell with the advantage of zero tax. Resources I found were decent ores but also low level markup stuff and RT ores. (so from a markup point of view, lots of better places on Calypso and Amethera as all RT ors are basically tt junk).

The domes itself are not 100% yet. TP's are all missing and if you jump, you find yourself under the next hell mine with nothing to do. So you had to hit t after every dome (not a biggie though to me). Some hell mines had creatures (and yes, slutty whores too ... one breed was called 'Horny little devil'). Most of the mobs, as stated by Tzepu are quite uber and I saved myself the ammo to hunt them.

All in all, an interesting place to visit, BUT if you are after markup, hell is not your place to mine. Also you can come out quite broke (my runs combined minus the baby hof would have been like 30% return) so it is def. not for everyone.

Once you need a coin for transport and once the domes are taxed I wouldn't see many reasons to go as it isn't anything special. But for those who are already on RT, GO NOW as it is free.

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