Saturday, May 21, 2011

Killing 615 Daikiba for the Iron Challenge with SGA Sollomate Opalo close to Port Atlantis on Calypso

After some hard thinking AxeMurderer decided to complete the Iron Challenge missions, starting with the Daikiba Mission. He was at 565/5000 that morning and after that hunt he was at 1180/5000. He unequipped all his armor and got his fancy pants, shirt, shoes and gullaldr shades. That way he will minimize the armor decay and gain some Paramedic skills with his crafted medical kit.
He grabbed his Sollomate Opalo, SGA Edition, tier 1.6 and 1 000 000 Medium Weapon Cells for 100 PED enough to make 5000 shots. With so much ammunitions he was able to hunt Daikiba for 4 hours. He killed 615 Daikiba and got really good return. When he got back at the South Swamp Camp he made some calculations:
To kill all 16600 Daikiba needed for completion of all Daikiba Iron Challenges it will take 108 hours of hunting them close to South Swamp Camp. And he will need ammunition for 2700 PEDs. If the average return rate is 90%, he will loose 270 PEDs hunting them and he will gain a lot of skills. Also they loot Animal Muscle Oil and he need a lot of it for the crafting of Simple I Conductors.
Armed with that knowledge AxeMurderer was determined to complete the Iron Challenges using all kind of weapons. For Daikiba he will use the other TT weapons like: M2100; Castorian Survival EnBlade-A; Castorian Combat EnBlade-A; Castorian EnKnuckles-A.
Hunt details:
Date: 2 of April 2011
Duration: 4 hours
VU: 11.9.0
Place: Planet Calypso, Eudoria, close to South Swamp Camp, closest teleport Port Atlantis Mall
Land Tax: 0%
Coordinates: 62924, 75272, 119
Team or Solo: Solo
Creature(s): Daikiba (Killed: 615)
Maturity: Young to Old
Agility: 45
Health: 99
Intelligence: 30
Psyche: 40
Stamina: 2
Strength: 20
Laser Sniper (Hit): 17
Ranged Laser (Dmg): 14
Laser Pistoleer (Hit): 8
BLP Sniper (Hit): 14
Ranged BLP (Dmg): 9
BLP Pistoleer (Hit): 5
Paramedic: 5
Electro Kinetic (Dmg): 11
Electro Kinetic (Hit): 10
Cryogenic (Dmg): 10
Cryogenic (Hit): 8
Biotropic: 4
Evader: 4
Dodger: 2
1.Sollomate Opalo, SGA Edition; MAXED; Attacks per minute: 49/49; Damage: 4-8/4-8; Damage per second: 6.5; Durability: Exceptional
Weapon Amplifier: none; Weapon Attachments: none; Weapon Enhancers: none
Clothes: Rage Pants (M,C); Urban Pattern Shirt (M,C); Mannell Shoes (M,C); Gullaldr Shades (M);
Armor: NO
Medical Tools: Vivo T10 (L); SIB: Yes; Heal interval: 18.3-25/18.8-25; Uses per minute: 18/20
Support: Teleportation Chip I; Teleportation Chip II; Sleipnir Mk1 (C,L); Valkyrie Mk1 (C,L); Jormungand Mk1 (C,L)
Ammo spent: 100 PED
Loot TT Value: 95.86 PED [Including items: Regeneration Chip I (L) MU 117%; Daikiba Skull]
Weapon: 1.09 PED
Armor decay: 0 PED
Medical kit: 3.74 PED
Total expenses: 100 + 1.09 + 0 + 3.74 = 104.83 PED
Loot - Ammo spent = 95.86 - 100 = -4.14 PED (95.86% TT return before decay)
(Formula: retturn in % = loot/ammo*100)
Loot - Total Expenses = 95.86 - 104.83 = -8.97 PED (91.44% TT return after decay)
(Formula: retturn in % = loot/(ammo+decay)*100)
Loot from Daikiba


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