Friday, May 20, 2011

Hunting Daikiba with First Gen Electric Attack Chip II close to Port Atlantis on Calypso

After playing with the Cryogenic Chips I decided to try the Electric Chips. Armed with First Gen Electric Attack Chip II I started killing Daikiba, just to get some skills and to advance in my Daikiba mission. I still don't have the skills to use it on maximum, but it is hard to find low level Electric Attack Chips and I decided to skill with this one. I use Emik S30 (L) just for the final shot so I don't waste too much ammo with the chip. I am not skilled enough to use it too, but it's good way to get some skills in Ranged BLP. I changed some of my armor parts with the Gremlin armor which offers very good protection against most creatures. So I was more than prepared to go there alone. And the loot was not bad - almost on profit. The decay was too much. Probably I used too expensive armor and MindForce implant.
Hunt details:
Date: 30 of January 2011
VU: 11.5.6
Planet Calypso, Eudoria, close to South Swamp Camp, closest teleport Port Atlantis Mall
62924, 75272, 119
Team or Solo: Solo
Creature(s): Daikiba
Electro Kinetic (Dmg): 6
Electro Kinetic (Hit): 5
Cryogenic (Dmg): 7
Cryogenic (Hit): 6
Ranged BLP (Dmg): 3
BLP Pistoleer (Hit): 1
Biotropic: 3
Paramedic: 3
1.First Gen Electric Attack Chip II; Attacks per minute: 20/22; Damage: 13.3-26.6/16.0-32.0; Damage per second: 11.7
2.Emik S30 (L); Attacks per minute: 41/47; Damage: 2.4-4.9/2.5-5.0; Damage per second: 3.9
Clothes: Rage Pants (M,C); Urban Pattern Shirt (M,C); Mannell Shoes (M,C)
Head: Gremlin Face Guard (M)
Body: Paladin Harness (M)
Arms: Gremlin Arm Guards (M)
Hands: Kobold Gloves (M)
Thigh: Gremlin Thigh Guards (M)
Shin: Goblin Shin Guards (M)
Foot: Guardian Foot Guards (M)
Medical Tools: Regeneration Chip III, Uses per minute: 20/22; Heal interval: 20.6-32.0/24.0-32.0
Support: Teleportation Chip I, Teleportation Chip II, Sleipnir Mk1
Ammo spent: 31.66 PED
Loot TT Value: 36.19 PED
MindForce Chips and Implants decay: 9.36 PED
Armor decay: 0.72 PED
Loot - Ammo spent = 36.19 - 31.66 = +4.53 PED (% TT return before decay)
Loot - Ammo spent - Decay = 36.19 - 31.66 - 9.36 - 0.72 = -5.55 PED (% TT return after decay)

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