Friday, May 20, 2011

Hunting Daikiba and Cornundacauda with Cryogenic Attack Chip I at Port Atlantis and Orthos West Mound on Calypso

This is a hunt before Daikiba were changed to Shinkiba.
This time I decided to try hunting with MindForce chip. I picked up small Cryogenic Attack Chip I (L) and went for some Daikibas just to skill up. I knew the loot from Daikibas is not good and my skills in Cryogenic Attack are not enough even for this chip, so I was prepared to loose peds here. The chip does almost the same damage as my opalo, but the fire rate is amost half. The things will improve a lot when I max it up. But one thing is sure. Hunting with chip looks better then hunting with gun. Later I switched to some Cornundacaudas and got some armor from them. Again I was surprised at the good loot that day. Today I bought teleportation chip II which allows me to jump from Port Atlantis Mall to that Daikiba valley with just one jump and will be useful in hunts at distance from the revival.
Hunt details:
Date: 20 of January 2011
VU: 11.5.5
Place: Planet Calypso, Eudoria, close to South Swamp Camp, closest teleport Port Atlantis Mall
Coordinates: 62967, 75283, 120
Team or Solo: Team
Creature(s): Daikiba, Cornundacauda
Cryogenic (Dmg): 2 upgraded to 3 (Chip maxed at 3)
Cryogenic (Hit): 0 upgraded to 1, Not maxed, SIB: Yes
Paramedic: 3
Biotropic: 2
Weapon(s)/Chip(s): Cryogenic Attack Chip I (L)
Armor: BodyGuard L
Tools: Omegaton Fast Aid Pack FAP-5 (NOT MAXED)
Chips: Teleportation Chip I, Teleportation Chip II
Ammo spent: 11,22 PED
Loot TT Value: 19,83 PED Including items: Pixie Harness (F), Goblin Gloves (M)
MindForce Chips and Implants: 6,10 PED
Loot - Ammo spent = 19,83 - 11,22 = 8,61 (+77% TT return before decay)
Loot - Ammo spent - Decay = 19,83 - 11,22 - 6,10 = 2,51 (+22% TT return after decay)
Cryogenic Attack on Daikiba

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