Sunday, May 22, 2011

Entropia Universe Entertainment Assessment Model

Large Budget
Edward Magyar made a chart that should give you a basic breakdown of how Entropia Universe works, and how its approach to gaming affects various playstyles. You can see what level of entertainment to expect for the money you pay monthly or to see how much money you will need to receive the entertainment you want. And get answer for the question "Will I like playing Entropia Universe?"
All play areas available to high payment models are available to any payment model lower than it. This guide is meant to help you assess whether or not you will enjoy Entropia Universe. Everyone is different, so it's not meant to be a Bible, just a general guideline based on average gamer types.

Basically he divides players into four groups depending on the money they spent monthly:

How much to spend?
Play for free
What are my regular activities going to be?
Limited SWUNT: Once Per Week max to start. Highly Economic Weapons only.
Trading: Lots of very small ventures at the Auction House, and verbal trading at traffic centers.
Sweating: 1-5 PED per 1000 bottles gathered. Must sell to other players. Expect +5 PED / 3 Hours of playtime once you get the hang of it.
Object Gathering: (stones / fruit / dung) Less than 1 PED per hour of playtime. Must find a buyer, buyers are uncommon.
Very Difficult: Requires a lot of patience, people who try this quit.
Should I play?
Probably not: You're likely looking for an experience here that isn't offered here, and are setting yourself up for disappointment in the product.

2.Limited Budget
How much to spend?
$10-20 USD/Month
What are my regular activities going to be?
Economic Hunting: Little to No Armor. Small monsters solo. Large monsters in teams. Economic weapons - only Opalo is the current preferred method.
Limited Mining: Losses on a single 100-200 PED run can result in moving to the Free to Play model for the rest of the month.
SWUNT: Sweating and Hunting combined. Always done in large groups. You can pretty much do this every day.
Trading: You can afford to buy some larger lots, taking more risk for possibly more reward.
Challenging: People who try this approach seem to like it. Although it can be frustrating if you find yourself moving back to Free to Play often. Most people who do that quit.
Should I play?
Maybe: Entropia can offer you a lot, if you're patient with It. You might even discover you're making money. Challenges can be fun!

3.Moderate Budget
How much to spend?
$20-100 USD/Month
What are my regular activities going to be?
SIB Based Hunting: You still want to be economical, so you'll use SIB weapons. But you can pretty much do as you please otherwise. Low returns can lead you to Limited Budged model for the rest of the month though.
Mining: Depending on your budget and luck you could be a regular miner.
Crafting: On this budget you can start crafting. You won't make much money at first, though.
Trading: You can afford to take some risky ventures and buy in bulk.
Engaging: Gameplay can be challenging at times, but overall Entropia offers a rich and rewarding experience at this level.
Should I play?
It can't hurt: You'll find Entropia to be one of the deepest MMO's you've ever played. You may decide on something else eventually, but you'll have a good experience.

4.Large Budget
How much to spend?
$100+ USD/Month
What are my regular activities going to be?
Unlimited Hunting: Do what you want. It's your money. If your pockets a rent deep though you might end up going back to Moderate Budged after a month or two.
Skill Chipping: Skills are expensive and take time to earn, but you can buy them from other players and take a shortcut to success! They're expensive, but they could be worth it!
Estate Ownership: On this kind of budget you could buy an apartment, or house, or shop, or maybe even a land area. You'll be the envy of all your peers. For real!
Rewarding: Ever heard the saying it takes money to make money? Well, it's true. This play level is where you start seeing the bucks. The other play levels are supporting you.
Should I play?
Absolutely: Hey moneybags, this place was made for you. Start the pillaging of your peers!
Entertainment Assessment Model

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