Saturday, May 21, 2011

Digital Abduction Event for new players on RockTropia

Digital Abduction
Yesterday was very dynamic day too. I made a deal with one of the famous Rocktropians. He sold me weapons, mindforce chips and armor from RockTropia for over 1000 PED that I will sell later on Calypso or may be even on Arkadia for small profit. And I will have fun using some of the Mindforce Chips like Kinetic Attack Chip and Cryogenic Attack Chips and also some BLP Rifle and Carbine.
But I am not going back to Calypso before I try the events here. Yesterday (Sunday) I was invited to free event on RockTropia for new players. The only requirement is to have health less than 107 points. My health was 101 so I was able to participate. The winner is the participant with highest single loot.
But this event was more than the usual grinding. The event promoters organized all kind of ways to win a prize so in the end I think almost everyone got a prize. This is great event for new players and non depositors because they usually got more PED after the event than before it. I think we can use the term user-generated content for this event. It was more than the game event system offer.
I am not going to tell what kind of activities were there because I don't want to spoil the fun of the new players, but on my way to the event I was ready for everything - PvP, drag race, swimming, searching for treasure. And if you go there prepare for dynamic event and don't blink. Also follow the rules or you will be banned.
During the event I looted 2 x Lacerating Attack Chip III (L) and some BAMF guns and found 127 Nissit Stone on the ground. Other participants looted Lacerating Attack Chip V (L) and found Bombardo on the ground.
As you can see from the poster the mob is Zombie and I think after the next version update they will increase the population so it is possible for more players to hunt there at the same time.
Also in the next update of RockTropia there will be:
- Large addition of unlimited weapons to be discovered
- Increased mineral spawns planet wide
Place of the event: DIGITAL ABDUCTION OUTPOST; coordinates: (135168, 94208)
Most loot wins
Health max has to be 107 to enter event
1st prize 1 full set of male pixie armor (tt value = 14.30 peds)
1 vivo T1 (tt value = 9 peds)
1 sollomate (tt value = 3.80 peds)
medium weapon cells (tt value = 30 peds)
2nd prize 1 full set of female pixie armor (tt value = 14.30 peds)
1 vivo T1 (tt value = 9 peds)
1 sollomate (tt value = 3.80 peds)
3rd prize 1 vivo T1 (tt value = 9 peds)
1 sollomate (tt value = 3.80 peds)
Free lift to event area will be available from C.O.D. a hour before event.
Tickets are free from Biggdaddy, Trim Mathamus Doc Counselor, Digital Manager Abduction.

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