Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Consideration Before Buying a Shop in Entropia Universe

In Entropia Universe you can make money in different ways. The most obvious ways are with hunting, mining or crafting. Also there is possibility to apply paint or texture over items and make money that way. You can make haircuts or body and face improvements and get paid for it. You can also trade directly person to person, which requires a lot of work and time, but almost no starting funds. To make money with less work you need to buy shop or land area, which requires a lot of initial investment. Also there are more known ways to make profit in Entropia Universe, and some that are not yet discovered and I will make another blog post about them soon.

In this post I will focus on the consideration before buying a shop in Entropia Universe. How to know what price is good to pay and where is good to have shop and where you will only use your shop as a storage.

First thing you have to cinsider is the planet you want to byu a shop. You must look for the best looking planet, but for making profit more important is the population on the planet. If you want to have custumers to byu your stuff, get a shop on the planet with the biggest player base. At the moment that planet is Calypso. Planet Arkadia and Planet Cyrene will be great planets, but they will need months or even years to get the population and economy that Calypso has now.

On every Planet there are diferent places for shops. On Calypso there are 3 Malls + Deer Mall + a lot of shops in the first floors of the residential towers. Shoping in shops in those residential buildings is hard. Teleporter is far away. They all look the same and it's like walking in a maze. You don't know wich tower you visited or which part of the tower or which shop. You can find cheap shop here, but sometimes prices are high as in the malls.

Then you have the Deer Mall. The teleporter is at bigger distance than the teleporters in the other malls. Also there is no Auction room with storage and other terminals.

With the release of Planet Arkadia, many started to sell their Calypso shops cheap hoping to buy good shop  on Arkaida. That droped the price of shops on Calypso. But they forget that on Arkadia there aren't enought buyers. Shop owners wont be able to sell enougth to make it worthed. The shops in the begining will be expensive, hard to find for custumers and with not enought item points.

Now its the best time to buy sho on Calypso cheap. You can byu 120 item points shop for 10k PED in Emerald Lake Mall. That mean maximum custumers you can get in the game naw and for the next year or two. Close to the teleporter. And for less then half the price you will pay for smaller shop in some other mall on Calypso, Medusa Head or Planet Arkadia.

Here are some of the offers in the auction house for shops:

As you can see at the moment sellers want more PED for their shops than the buyers are willing to pay. Of course from time to time there is someone that is selling his shop cheap or that is willing to pay double of what the shop really costs.

31.01.2011-Twin Peaks Mall Shop, Floor 2 #5 L - SB: 22 590, BO: 22 590, Bids: 0
02.03.2011-Deer Mall Floor 1, Shop 7 - SB: 7 500, BO: 9 500, Bids: 0
04.04.2011-Omegaton City Delta Block B, Shop #2 - SB: 7 000, BO: 8 000, Bids: 0
07.04.2011-Port Atlantis Mall Shop, Floor 3 # 4 L - SB: 15 000, BO: 16 000, Bids: 0
10.04.2011-Twin Peaks Mall Shop, Floor 2 #5 L - SB: 20 000, BO: 20 000, Bids: 0
11.04.2011-Emerald Lakes Mall Shop, Floor 1 #7 S - SB: 13 000, BO: 13 000, Bids: 0
14.04.2011-Club Neverdie Shop # 8 - SB: 3 200, BO: 7 000, Bids: 0
15.04.2011-Omegaton City Delta Block A, Shop #4 - SB: 5 000, BO: 8 000, Bids: 0
15.04.2011-Emerald Lakes Mall Shop, Floor 1 #7 S - SB: 12 000, BO: 12 000, Bids: 0 (again)
26.04.2011-Emerald Lakes Mall Shop, Floor 1 #7 S - SB: 11 000, BO: 11 000, Bids: 0 (again x 2)
04.05.2011-Emerald Lakes Mall Shop, Floor 1 #7 S - SB: 10 000, BO: 10 000, Bids: 0 (again x 3)
04.05.2011-Twin Peaks Mall Shop, Floor 1 #7 S - SB: 10 000, BO: 12 000, Bids: 2
04.05.2011-Club Neverdie Shop # 8 - SB: 2 700, BO: 4 000, Bids: 0 (again)
24.06.2011-Port Atlantis Mall Shop, Floor 1 #14 L - SB: -, BO: 22 000, Bids: 0
24.06.2011-Port Atlantis Mall Shop, Floor 2 #4 L - SB: -, BO: 18 000, Bids: 0

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