Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Arkadian Debris Wallpaper

Arkadian Debris
I’ve just come off duty again. I have to admit I’m quite excited. I got my first good look at the planet through our short range sensors. It’s breathtaking. I remember the first time I saw Earth from orbit. The feeling was amazing, of pride and belonging to that rich world of blue and green. The view of Arkadia is similar and just as incredible, for all its differences. Wide oceans separate continents and clouds roam freely across the sky. Twin moons chase each other around the planet in an infinite race. Although we are the strangers to this world, it feels inviting, as if the planet itself is welcoming us. I wish I could go down with the landing parties to explore the surface. I’m drawn to it in a way that I never expected; like the sailors of old, I cannot resist its Siren song.

I’ve heard that the scientists and miners aboard the other ships are excited about the potential for new compounds and alloys to be discovered amongst the debris and wreckage. I wouldn’t want to pilot the shuttles collecting the samples; flying close enough to collect anything would be a nightmare. Even for someone of my ability it wouldn’t be easy. This far away it’s not that concentrated but I still have to be constantly alert to avoid any collisions. Unlike the civilians, I’ve seen firsthand what would happen to this ship’s atmosphere if any of this floating junk punctured the hull.

This is just a small part from the personal log of a Pilot from 8th Combat Squadron from 27 of November 3007. This is the time where the Planet Arkadia will develop it's story. Check out the full log here: 1.7 Approaching Destiny. If you like it put this wallpaper on your monitor.

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