Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Arkadia Map

Just found map of Arkadia with teleporters and other stuff.

Purple square = Outpost
Red circle = Teleport
Black text = Mob or place
Red text = Ship names

Ship bases looks pretty much the same, which is what you would expect from fleet bases.

The planet is about 600 square kilometers, while Calypso is about 1500-1700 square kilometers. RT and NI are smaller than both I think.

Oro Stage 1 - Kill 75 Oro (given at any firebase) - Reward: Courage (no idea how much)
Oro Stage 2 - Kill 400 Oro (given after Stage 1) - Reward: Evade (less than 2200 to 2237)
Oro Stage 3 - Kill 1200 Oro (given after Stage 2) - Reward: ???

Arkadia Map

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