Wednesday, May 25, 2011

All new TT items from Arkadia - including blp pistol and rifle

Here you can see the stats of all new items from Arkadia that are available at the trade terminal. All items so far are limited. That means that you cannot repair them when they brake and you have to byu new one. This is not really a problem, because no one is making the effort to tier TT items anyway and you are not forced to pay any mark up on them. But not having unlimited rapairable items on the other planets even after Arkadia launch gives Planet Calypso supreme position over the other planets.
Musca Harness (M,L)

Herman ASI-10 (L)

Herman ARK-10 (L)

Herman Law 101 (L)



TerraMaster 1 (L)

Rock Ripper 1 (L)


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